He could barely see the sky from the tiny window of his cell. Alone for 23 hours a day. That was what felt like an eternity ago. Today, 1986zig is grateful for this experience. For all his mistakes. For the new existence he has built for himself. He hides his face behind a black balaclava. For 1986zig as both a warning and bulletproof armor in the battle against his demons. His music is the weapon he uses to keep the shadows of his past at bay. 1986zig is the anti-hero in his own personal movie. His songs are the soundtrack to pain, remorse and forgiveness. And of the courage to reset everything to zero. After over 200 million streams of Streetfighter tracks such as “Kopf aus”, “Keine Pause (feat. Kontra K)”, “Valium (feat. Samra)” and his debut album “Zweite Chance”, released at the end of last year, which went straight to #8 in the album charts and #1 in the hip-hop charts, the man with the black balaclava presents himself from his most carefree side on his single “Sunshine” and presents a love song bursting with positive energy. The single “Du fehlst mir” follows shortly afterwards. In the song, 1986zig talks about one of these fateful meetings. And about missing this very special person forever afterwards.