Borol has been involved in the organizing of various drum and bass parties in NRW for many years, with planing and artist support. These included the party series ‘Bassfalter’ in Bochum. During this time, he has already built up many contacts in the artist and organizer network and his expertise in electronic music – especially breakbeat-driven genres such as drum and bass genres such as drum and bass, grime and dubstep – massively. Shortly before the start of the global corona pandemic, the desire to become active behind the behind the turntables. The knowledge of music that he had built up over the years, paired with the affinity for music in all its variations ensured that he quickly achieved success there. quickly achieved success. In the beginning, Borol used many opportunities to present his music to listeners and make new contacts. make new contacts. He was invited to various stream formats on Twitch, recorded guest mixes for foreign radio stations and played live sets on TU Dortmund University’s campus radio station ‘eldoradio*’. He has also already gained festival experience: in 2022, he played at ‘Ruhr in Love’ and ‘Juicy Beats’ and has made many people dance to his music live. Borol is best known for his versatile drum and bass sets, which range from relaxing liquid- liquid-driven to hard-hitting and crowd-pleasing jump-up tracks. But he never loses sight of the audience and always manages to get the last bit of energy out of the dancing crowd.