Botticelli Baby


2nd Mainstage


presented by Sparkasse

Flash! Trip! Kick! Giving yourself a dose of Botticelli Baby live means sweaty hair, sore muscles the next day and a permanent grin on your face! How do you prepare for this? Not at all! You come as you are and let your hair down! To give the wild sound what can be described as a mixture of jazz, punk, blues, folk, funk, Balkan and pop, exactly seven different ingredients are needed. In the form of musicians and their instruments!

It’s a frenzy, one big party when the band performs. The seven guys seem like firmly assembled material, indestructible and yet extremely chaotic. Each instrument brings its own individual strength and pushes the whole cart on a mission of ecstasy to some strange planet! Where exactly that is, you don’t know after the concert.

It is these brilliantly forward-pushing rhythms and energies that transform into a colorful mixture. The sound of Bösherz’s voice and radiance is just as captivating as it is sexy – Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß (Beatsteaks) and Björn Dixgård (Mando Diao) have made a baby and so on…

And then all of a sudden there’s a bang – and a fruity chaos of sound begins, which then suddenly coalesces into an alliance and is hurled into the already dropped jaws of the already sweaty audience, bursting with power. Precise, like a well aimed golf shot into the hole. Sounds exaggerated? Maybe, but anyone who has been there knows what we’re talking about!

The band is able to bring a kind of healthy and long-lost dirt back into jazz music. And the audience loves to rub it in – from the Czech Republic to Germany and Spain! Incidentally, within the band and giving their second album its name, the seven call their sound “JUNK”. And whether you rub it in, devour it whole or throw yourself into the middle of it is up to you – it’s definitely a booster for your dancing legs!