Edwin Rosen


2nd Mainstage


presented by Sparkasse

After the first mysterious songs “leichter//kälter” and “Die Sonne in deinem Zimmer”, which were scattered without much information, Edwin Rosen should be on everyone’s radar by now. This exceptional artist in his early twenties, whose songs, with their stoically wistful productions, psychedelic soundscapes and sonorous vocals, move skillfully between new and dark wave, post-punk and synth-pop.

It is only logical that Edwin Rosen himself describes this musical melange as a new German wave that has influenced an entire generation of young musicians. Growing up in Stuttgart, his life was made up of two components from an early age. In the evenings, he attended sweaty hardcore and pop-punk shows in the local basement club, while during the day he explored his own city and the surrounding area on his skateboard. The soundtrack of the accompanying videos and his father’s record collection do the rest.

The first covers are created with DAW and drum computer. Perhaps not quite on point yet, but with just the right mix of presumption, enthusiasm and captivating beauty, which ultimately make up the charm of Edwin Rosen’s first single “leichter//kälter”. Originally released at the beginning of 2020, it soon hit the bull’s eye and made it to number 6 in the single trend charts.