A sold-out headline tour, a full festival summer, New Music Award winner, EP release and and and – one highlight follows the next. With an explosive and soulful live show, profound lyrics and an irresistible sound in his unique songs, ENNIO has quickly become the shooting star of the indie scene.

In 2021, the young musician stormed the music world with his debut single “Blaulicht”. At the same time, he made his first appearances as support for Provinz, Jeremias and MAJAN. His social media followers shot through the roof, and artists such as Casper, Kummer, Paula Hartmann and Jeremias declared themselves fans. His songs quickly cracked the magic mark of 10 million streams and tracks such as “Kippe” and “Unendlichkeit” or “Rimini” became regular guests in the playlists of 1Live, N-Joy, BR Puls, Radio Fritz and MDR Sputnik and have been conquering the German airplay charts ever since. ENNIO impressed not only with his thrilling live shows at festivals such as Superbloom, Deichbrand or Frequencies, but also with his distinctive deep voice, rousing lyrics and unique song productions.