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presented by fh Dortmund

Focus. stand for energetic live performances, quality punk rock, nostalgic lyrics and heavy riffs. Focus. convince with their unmistakable talent – they already have what it takes to become the next favorite festival headliners of the republic – but one thing at a time…

At the beginning of July, they celebrated the release of “Kein Album” with a sold-out release show in Riesa. The Spotify playlist “Klare Kante” with 100K followers congratulates the guys with a front cover placement and includes several songs from “Kein Album” and Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tidal also send congratulations with several list placements.

In 2023, Focus. already play at the Campus Festival in Osnabrück, the Happiness Festival, Sputnik Spring Break and receive their first highly official accolade at Wacken.

Sondaschule and the Rogers have already been able to see for themselves that Focus. are a fantastic live band, as both have already brought the band along for support shows. So things are getting off to a good start on the punk rock front and we’re already looking forward to 2024 – the bags are packed and who knows what else will happen…