Franky Klassen (LIVE)

He is chosen by Tomorrowlands „One World Radio“ as one of the Future Four Artists, performed for industry ruling brands like LVMH and already played on some of the biggest stages in the World from Ushuaia – Ibiza to Parookaville in Germany. Franky Klassen is steadily becoming a force in the electronic music scene with his one-of-a-kind studio productions and his breathtaking Cello Live-Set performances. At a very early age he began studying cello, voice and guitar which gave him the structure to create his path into electronic music. Franky dominated the Beatport charts along side of his co-producers the legendary Tube & Berger with their Beatport Top 10 smash „Alive“ which is supported on dance floors globally by the biggest and best artists in the industry today. With his unique „Cello Live-Sets“ he creates a musical experience that is truly a magical ride through the senses and spheres of electronic music. But it is best to make your own musical experiences, because as he is keep saying: Trust the energy, it never lies.