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The mix is dynamic, the sound is unique – that’s what the Fresh Fuzzers stand for, who know how to dissolve the rigid boundaries between classic rap music and rocking grooves like no others. As the title of the current EP “Fernab vom Standard” suggests: unusual as usual. Both thematically and atmospherically, the seven tracks go back and forth.

While the funky opener “Feuer an” invites listeners to shake a leg, the single “0 und 7” takes them into the setting of an agent movie. The drama in three acts is followed by “Immer easy”, a laid-back representative that encourages you to just get on with it. The atmospheric counterpart is formed by the songs “Highlights” and “Es gibt schlimmeres”, which mark the more or less melancholy middle of the EP. The bass-heavy number “Wellen im Ohr” invites you on a short trip out of the city, before “Karma regelt” reaches its climax with joy and wordplay.

Due to the rhythmic variety and the different influences, “Fernab vom Standard” is fresh, lively and entertaining and thus differs from conventional productions.