2nd Mainstage


presented by Sparkasse

When you hear MAYBERG‘s speaking voice, the air vibrates. The waves immediately connect the ear, heart and brain with the timbre that makes this young artist so unagitatedly unique. And especially when MAYBERG laughs, a window into his personality opens: something fundamentally positive radiates back from him.

Which is remarkable, because if you delve into his clever and observant lyrics, you’ll find plenty of coming-of-age confusion, doubt and frustration. But MAYBERG packs the universal agonies of being an early 20-something into a context that is familiar AND exciting. This talent for inventing new verses for the feeling of youth is extraordinary.

MAYBERG, the newcomer for 2023 with potential: at 22, he’s at prime Gen Z age and has found the perfect intersection between songwriting, cool crooner, modern singer-songwriter and electronic synths & beats. But above all, it is his authentic poetry that qualifies him as a figure of identification for twentysomethings.

His talent has also caught the attention of his colleagues in the German music scene, with entertainer and rapper ALLIGATOAH enlisting the young songwriter as a support act for his almost sold-out indoor tour in March 2023.