Monotunes? These are the two guys with that driving deep, sound, a DJ duo with a musical language that is loud and clear. The story started with no less event than the after show party of the Pollerwiesen Festival in 2015 where Dortmund HipHop veteran Nils played his first electronic gig quite unexpectedly. Of course, Soulmate Philo had even more experience and endless buck at his side with lots of beer. A fat set and a dance floor full of enthusiastic people later, the Monotunes 2.0 were born. Since then, the guys have been working meticulously on their sound. Producing podcasts, mixtapes and songs – sometimes in pairs, sometimes with support from their large musical network and using every free second they don’t to spend with job or family. With his passion for ever new hardware, techno junkie Nils provides the tools that, together with Philos‘ many years of experience and creativity, form the perfect basis for Monotunes’ sound.