P1111111111A experienced her first club night in Basel in a techno club when she was just 16 years old. Since then, she has been addicted to 4/4 time – hence the eight ones in her name, which symbolize two bars and represent her multifaceted mixing skills. With the musical influences she experienced in Switzerland, P1111111111A moved to the Ruhr region a few years ago for her studies. Here she immediately recognized the potential for techno that this region has to offer. Together with a friend from her hall of residence, she staged a new series of events that brought techno and student residences together: BergHEIM. From the very beginning, this project was a success and attracted many young people from Bochum and the surrounding area to the shared hall of residence. They celebrate the diversity of techno in a laundry room that is far too small. This reflects the goal that P11111111A strives for behind the decks: musical diversity and individuality, just as colorful as the people who celebrate techno!