Swiss & die Andern




Swiss + Die Andern are finally going on tour again. What began in 2014 with 70 people in small punk sheds will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. The halls are now huge – the demolition remains the same!

Hardly any other band has achieved such a brutal rise in recent years as Swiss + Die Andern. The movie is the same, but is now playing almost everywhere. Punk rock the way it’s meant to be: Ignorant, anti and yet with really big feelings! Not only do the guys still have the same fun tearing things down, they also have a number 1 album in the tour bus, with which they are embarking on a big “10 years Swiss + Die Andern – Erstmal zu Penny Tour”! Is that still punk rock? Who cares, the main thing is that the best fans of the best band get around!