Electronic Stage


presented by fh Dortmund

“It’s only really real if you do it yourself,” says TJARK, perfectly summing up what makes the newcomer so special. The 19-year-old multi-talent has always taken everything into his own hands. Back then, in the nursery at the piano and with the guitar, a little later as a street musician – always with the big dream in mind: writing and producing songs that speak from the heart not only to him, but to an entire generation.

Not just the cool kids in the big cities, but everyone else too. The ones from the villages and small towns and rural areas that we tend to forget about. The ones who go to the lake instead of hanging out in front of the Späti, who watch the sun go down on park benches at the edge of the forest instead of going to the club. The ones who have been missing something for the last three years, the ones with the fear of growing up. From this life between great moments of insignificance and big dreams, TJARK creates songs whose interplay of melancholy and melody almost leaves you speechless – and creates a unique, incomparable sound from great pop moments, indie influences and rap references.

TJARK knows what he’s talking about. Growing up in a small town has shaped his music throughout. Boredom turns into a hobby, covers eventually become his own songs. Music about evenings on which the sun falls behind the hills while the bass of this rapper from Compton booms through the JBL until you can no longer hear your own words, but still understand each other blindly and finally make all the goals, visions and big dreams on this endlessly long list called life come true with the boys.

Or songs about the back and forth of your own emotions. One minute yes, the next no. A constant up and down of ideals and ideas, the woulda, woulda, coulda. Even though everything is actually going according to plan. But instead of simply letting yourself go, you keep staggering through this self-created chaos in search of a little harmony, a little more time for the best and a life without mood swings. “Music is always therapy, whether for me or for others,” says TJARK. “I want to give people beautiful moments with which they can process their emotions. Because a song often hits the heart much more than just spoken words.”