Celine aka Unartig was born in Dortmund, Germany in 1999. About 1.5 years ago she had her first club gig, where she played her first own track. At that time still in a raw state. The deciding factor for producing her own music was the idea of bringing her own influences into the music that surrounded her at the time and sharing them with her surroundings. Friends and acquaintances who surrounded her at the time supported her in her endeavor and offered her opportunities to develop. Since then, the journey began under the alias Unartig, in which she makes use of the most diverse facets of techno. Among other things, she combines genres such as acid, hard groove and classic techno with typical elements of trance. The result is not always a fixed genre. Unartig presents a sound that is different but remains atmospheric and atmospheric. Described in three words, the answer would be: driving, catchy and dynamic.