To make things easier for everyone, you can now buy “campsite tickets” and a corresponding number of “person tickets”.

This means that you will always need at least two tickets: one for your tent or caravan and one for yourself (the caravan parking tickets will be online as soon as possible, we promise). All camping tickets are only available as Print@Home versions. This saves resources and it can’t get lost. Great!

These are the new camping tickets:


With a campsite ticket you buy a 3 x 4 m area on the JUICY BEATS campsite. The area is NOT a permanently reserved area. First come, first served. You can set up one large or two small tents within the area. No tent is included in this ticket. Please bring your own tent.

➡️ CARAVAN PARKING TICKET (available soon)

With a caravan parking ticket you can park your camper / caravan / van on our caravan area. The parking ticket for your vehicle is included in the price. The area is NOT a permanently reserved area. First come, first park.


With the person ticket you book the number of people staying at your campsite or caravan.


Now you’re asking yourself: Why camping?

Because it’s just super fun. And you only need about 10 minutes to walk (relaxed drink length) from the festival site to the campsite. So, your own temporary bed is really not far away. Plus, you have approx. 3000 people around you who are all up for a party from Thursday until Sunday. Oh yes, and not to forget: The legendary after-show parties on Thursday and Friday evening opposite the campsite! These have become must-attend events.