He has now been spotted on the moon! Alligatoah’s fan base has to prove its nerves of steel these days. At the end of November 2023, at the end of his sold-out final tour concert in the LANXESS arena in Cologne, their idol disappeared behind a spacious curtain that was adorned with the imprint “Gerngeschehn – Alligatoah 1989 – 2023”. That same evening, all entries on Alligatoah’s social media profiles disappeared – apart from a single posting with the caption “FIN”, which referred to a newly released orchestral version of the piece “Trauer Feier Lied”. The words “Alligatoah was a German-speaking musician (1989 – 2023)” in the bio box of his Instagram account only seemed to intensify the indications of a possible end to his career. The result? A huge media response, exploding comment columns and an almost unmanageable flood of touching expressions of grief.

“SO RAUS” will still amaze its fans and critics because of the song’s heaviness. It is further proof of the enormous artistic and musical flexibility of the still missing rapper, singer, guitarist, producer and headliner of Juicy Beats 2024: Alligatoah.