Das grosse los

Dortmund.macht.Lauter Stage


“It doesn’t take much to get going”. And here is the way: Alan Kassab on bass (Hendrik Otremba, Nathan Gray, Lobby Boy, among others), Eike Jamelle on drums (Otis Optic, vs.ROME, Lobby Boy, among others) and David Bartelt on vocals and guitar are DAS GROßE LOS.
The Dortmund band emerged from the members of Lobby Boy in 2023.
German lyrics far removed from elevator lard – but punk is also something else. You can confidently call it indie rock. Melody and rhythm. With oomph. With Selig, the Beatles and Queens of the Stoneage in a mixed bag. Not just for the gentlemen.
The band is currently working on new songs at Joachim Serges’ microstudio in Dortmund. In addition to these, there will also be something from the predecessor band Lobby Boy.