Junior Carl


Melancholy and endorphins! Junior Carl is wildly different and moves authentically between world-weariness, love and party breakdown. Most of you should already know his songs “Blaue Augen” and “Beam Mich Up”. Carl grew up in the east of Cologne and founded his first band at the age of 11. He started out playing drums and singing and then swapped drums for electric bass. From then on, the then 13-year-old was at the front of the stage when he sang. Thanks to his father (solo timpanist in the WDR Funkhausorchester and drummer in the big band), music played a major role in his childhood. His mother married the ex-drummer of the Zeltinger Band and so his early musical influences were rock as well as classical music and jazz. At the age of 17, Carl flew to Jamaica, where he discovered the sound system culture there. Thanks to his live qualities, he joined the “Pow Pow Movement” shortly afterwards and became the youngest member, named Junior Carl. Pow Pow is one of the most booked sound systems in Europe and Junior Carl has always been at the forefront during this time – he was already working on his own music at the time, which he focused on and released from then on. Together with producers Guido Craveiro (Seeed, Querbeat) and Syrix (Raf Camora, GReeeN), he released his debut album “Natürliche Mystik” in 2021. He then caused a sensation at festivals and as a support act. While his single Blaue Augen (Blue Eyes) cracked the 2 million streams mark on Spotify, he is now working on his second album “Bis Zum Mond” – featuring producers Phat Crispy (Eko Fresh, Sido), Dead Rabbit (Marsimoto, Green Berlin) and the Cologne-based Bezik Zwo Kollektiv. Release summer 2024