Pöbel MC


Electronic Stage


presented by fh Dortmund

Pöbel MC, whose style stands for a unique combination of boundless power, empowerment and profound content, is now one of the most respected rappers in the German-speaking world, which is not least due to his undeniable live presence. What began in the damp cellar walls of autonomous youth centers has found its way into sold-out concert halls of impressive size for good reason: where the Pöbelmane performs his Schellenesperanto and fuses posture-stable rhetoric with athletic stage performance, “Pöbel Sports” is more than just a vague phrase.

Forget the ponderous ambience of toxic, confused hip-hop jams, because this is high-performance sport – on and in front of the stage. Between chanting and powerful drum stabs, almost every rabble show sooner or later develops the excessively solid and dynamic vibe of a damn good punk concert – and nobody has any intention of sparing their vocal chords. As if all that wasn’t enough, PMC serves up a hard bass techno armageddon of cosmic proportions with Alterego Multilingual Mike at the end of every show, which will blow every last bead of sweat out of the pores of even the most reserved attendees! The concert-turned-hybrid of punchline thunderstorm, socio-critical lesson and beer shower is a place to be.