The Querbeat story: radically positive! A 13-strong creative collective wants to make. And play. The band lives for the stage, for the intoxication of energy from the audience and sounds. Days must be wasted with love, nights must be endured – 24 hours of “Good morning Barbarossaplatz”, dear world. Because Querbeat is love and a whole lot of optimism, ” A sum of statements: the current, third studio album “Radikal Positiv” (number 2 in the German album charts). The two previous albums “Fettes Q” and “Randale & Hurra” had already made a good effort and collected over 160 million streams.

Festival band, jazz cracks, somehow carnival and a pinch of punk attitude. Crowd surfing, mosh pits, summer vibes and moving live moments. All drawers full of anarchy, please. One thing is clear: Querbeat is different. With lots of brass instruments, a clear political stance, raw vocals and live energy like a single announcement: Everything will be better in the past! Someone has to keep their heads above the sand and let the flags fly.