People aged 0 to 15 years

  • Access to the festival grounds and campsite after 10 p.m. is only possible with a parenting certificate and a parent or person with legal guardianship

People aged 16 to 17

  • Access to the festival site after 12 a.m. is only possible with a “mother’s certificate” and a parent or person with legal guardianship
  • Overnight stay at the campsite: from 16 years

In order to act as the person responsible for raising children, a completed parenting certificate (“mother’s certificate”) is required. In addition to the form you will need

  • Copy of the identity card of the educational representative who signed the form
  • Identity card of the person with legal custody (usually parents)
  • your own student or ID card

Link to the parenting certificate (“mother’s certificate”)

What is a person with legal custody?
Persons who are entitled to personal custody alone or jointly with another person in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code are deemed to have legal custody. As a rule, these are the parents.

What is an educational representative?
Any person over the age of 18 is considered a person responsible for raising children, provided that they carry out parenting tasks for the duration of the event based on a written agreement with the person with legal custody.

Legally speaking, there is no defined upper limit as to how many an adult can supervise. However, we ask you to note that the supervisor assumes responsibility for the young person(s) and, in an emergency, can actually be prosecuted for breach of duty of supervision.

We therefore recommend that you supervise a maximum of 3 people, as we believe it is unrealistic to constantly keep an eye on too many people and guarantee their safety.

Attention: the alcohol ban for young people under 18, which also includes the consumption of mixed drinks containing spirits (§9 JuSchG), remains in effect on the campsite and on the festival site. The German Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) applies to the Juicy Beats Festival.